As of August 2018, Sigmund is a harmonica teacher at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The academy is the highest level of music education in Norway. 

Recordings and music

News about current, recent and future music and recordings. Past recordings are listed on the discography page.

Bønn for drømmen (“Prayer for the Dream”) – the album will be released by Grappa on December 8th this year, to coincide with the Centenary of poet Hans Børli, and the Børli concert at the Norwegian National Library.

Bønn for drømmen (Prayer for the dream) – new CD out on December 8th.


Confirmed concerts

Venues are in Norway unless otherwise mentioned.

June Night at Børli in Eidskog, Norway, on June 4th 2017. World premiere of a 12-part song cycle based on poetry by Hans Børli, with new music by Sigmund Groven. (Photo: Anne Eriksdatter Bye.)

Sigmund Groven, Anne Vada and Iver Kleive in Heddal for a Christmas concert on December 2nd, 2018. (Photo by Fredrik Rinde Thorstensen, Telen.)

December 8th, Oslo: Concert at Nasjonalbiblioteket (the National Library) at 2 pm. Bønn for drømmen (Prayer for the dream), a song cycle consisting of 12 poems by Hans Børli, with music by Sigmund, performed by Maren Myrvold (soprano), Marianne Bye Granheim (mezzo soprano), Aage Kvalbein (cello), Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano) and Sigmund (harmonica). Per Arne Dahl will give a talk about Hans Børli as an introduction to the concert.

Concerts planned for 2019:

January 30th, Asker: The “Så spiller vi harmonica” concert. Sigmund is joined by his regular accompanist Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano) at 7.30 pm at Asker Arts Centre (Asker Kulturhus). 

February 2nd, Drammen: The “Så spiller vi harmonica” concert. Sigmund is joined by Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano) at Drammens Teater (Studioscenen) at 3 pm.

February 7th, Røyken: The “Så spiller vi harmonica” concert. Sigmund is joined by Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano) at 7 pm at Sekkefabrikken, Slemmestad.

March 3rd, Singapore: “An evening with Sigmund Groven”, also with Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano). Held at the Esplanade Concert Hall. In addition master classes and workshops March 1-5, 2019.

April 15th-18th, Hungary: Concerts with symphony orchestras. Details to follow.

Media & internet

Throughout the summer you could hear Sigmund’s radio documentary series Fra Halvorsen til A-ha, about Norwegian popular music through times, originally broadcast on NRK in 1989. The 13 reruns can still be heard in the NRK app or online.

On February 22nd, 2018, you could hear Sigmund being interviewed about “Prayer for the dream”, Sigmund’s original music to poems by Hans Børli, on NRK P2. Replay the programme Spillerom.

On February 11th, 2017 you could hear Sigmund as a guest in the programme “My favourite music” on NRK Klassisk (NRK Classical Music). Listen here

Online video
NRK’s 1977 TV concert with Sigmund, Ketil Bjørnstad, Espen Rud and Terje Venaas. Music from the album Musikk for en lang natt.

Watch this NRK documentary about Sigmund on tour in 1975 with Ketil Bjørnstad and Lars Hauge for Rikskonsertene (Concerts Norway).

NRK TV mini concert with Sigmund from 1991.

NRK TV’s “harmonica school” with Tommy Reilly and Sigmund is now online at

Sigmund performs his composition Det var ein gong / Once upon a time on NRK in 1992.

Watch Sigmund perform a folk tune at a festival in 1992.

Sigmund appears five times in this NRK Christmas special from 1978.

Part one and two of a Nordic concert / festival of classical and folk music. Sigmund is the chosen Norwegian soloist. Among the songs are Nordic night in a special symphonic version.

Check out some YouTube clips of Sigmund performing on Norwegian TV in the multimedia section, as well as more NRK clips.

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