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collection3-concerto-webNews about current, recent and future music and recordings. Past recordings are listed on the discography page.

Concerto available now
Sigmund Groven’s latest album is the third and final entry in the Sigmund Groven Collection series. The 22-track album, which has a classical music profile, includes several previously unreleased recordings and offers highlights from Groven´s long career in interpreting classical music from Norwegian and international composers, as well as some of his own compositions. Read more about the album on it’s dedicated page.

Concerto (pictured here) has also been released in South Korea by Sail Music.

Confirmed concerts

Venues are in Norway unless otherwise mentioned.

May 27, Surnadal: Sigmund in Lengting, liv og song, together with Tone Elisabeth Braaten (soprano), Lars Klevstrand (vocal and guitar), Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano), at 1 pm at the Vårsøghelga Music Festival in Surnadal.

June 4, Eidskog: Premiere performance of the song cycle Bønn for drømmen (lyrics: Hans Børli, music: Sigmund Groven), together with Marianne Bye Granheim (mezzo-soprano), Maren Myrvold (soprano), Ivar Anton Waagaard (piano), Aage Kvalbein (cello). This takes place at 2 pm at the Junikveld på Børli event in Eidskog, Hedmark.

August 10-13, Klepp: Harmonica seminar and concerts organized by NMF (Norsk Munnspillforum) at Klepp Folkehøgskole, Rogaland.

September 15, Oslo: Iver Kleive’s Organ Concert, and Sigmund is one of the special guest artists at Oslo Concert Hall.

October 21, Porsgrunn: Lengting, liv og song at Ælvespeilet Kulturhus, Sigmund is joined by Tone Elisabeth Braaten, Lars Klevstrand, Ivar Anton Waagaard.

November 1-5, Trossingen: World Harmonica Festival 2017. Sigmund is one of the featured artists at the Gala Concert on 2nd November, and also holds two workshops on 3rd and 4th November in Trossingen, Germany.

November 8, Notodden: Concert together with Kåre Nordstoga (piano), at Telemarksgalleriet (Telemark Art Gallery).

December 8, Eidskog: Bønn for drømmen (song cycle) together with Marianne Bye Granheim, Maren Myrvold, Ivar Anton Waagaard, Aage Kvalbein. Venue to be announced.

Media & internet

On March 18th, Norway’s TV2 launches “Norway’s best” where the best in various categories (music, movies, entertainment) will be chosen. Sigmund contributes to the third and last programme on April 1st where he will play Reodor’s ballad from the movie Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (Flåklypa Grand Prix). Watch it on TV2 at 8 pm and 9.40 pm on April 1st.

On February 11th you could hear Sigmund as a guest in the programme “My favourite music” on NRK Klassisk (NRK Classical Music). Listen here or hear the rerun on February 19th at 11 am.

On December 25th you could hear a special documentary radio programme about Sigmund Groven (in Norwegian) in NRK P2’s Folkemusikktimen (Folk music hour). Listen here.

On October 22 in Meloditimen (Melody Hour) on NRK P1+ you could hear Sigmund giving the first performance of Prelude for harmonica and orchestra, dedicated to him by composer Egil Kapstad. With the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Listen here.

Online video
Check out some YouTube clips of Sigmund performing on Norwegian TV in the multimedia section.

NRK TV’s mini concert with Sigmund from 1991.

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